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We use proven treatment options that are highly effective for moth control.

Moth Control in Tallapoosa, GeorgiaThe moth is a member of the Lepidoptera order of animals. This species is the only member of that order that isn’t a type of butterfly, although it shares some similarities with its flying relative. With more than 100,000 known moth species, these winged creatures are found all over the world, including in Tallapoosa, Georgia. They’re often found on light fixtures, as they’re drawn to light, although the exact reason for this isn’t currently known. Moths play an important role in pollinating different types of flowering plants, flying to flowers to feed on their nectar.

But when these flying insects take up residence around or within your home, it’s worth taking immediate action. Although the presence of moths isn’t inherently dangerous, as they’re not linked to the spread of disease or prone to aggressive behavior, they’re still bothersome, especially in large quantities. You may also find that it’s difficult to enjoy spending time outdoors when you’re sharing your space with a colony of moths. If you’re in this boat, contact us at Wright Choice Pest Control, LLC, to request moth control services.

When tackling moth control, we start by inspecting the interior and exterior of your property. Our technicians will look at where they have taken up residence and how to get rid of them. We use proven treatment options that are highly effective for moth control. You don’t have to share your home or even your yard with these relatives of the butterflies. Instead, allow our team to take care of the problem and help you enjoy your space once again. Contact us today to learn more or get started with moth control treatments.