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Our team provides the effective, reliable stink bug control services you need to protect your property from these nasty insects.

Here at Wright Choice Pest Control, LLC, we believe you deserve to be comfortable in your home, and you shouldn’t have to share your space with uninvited guests, such as roaches, rodents, or other pests. We have over 18 years of experience in the pest control industry, and we know how to get rid of just about any pest that could be affecting your home or commercial property, including stink bugs. If you have a stink bug problem, just turn to our team to get effective, reliable stink bug control services.

Stink Bug Control in Tallapoosa, Georgia

Stink bugs get their name from the strong odor they produce, which some describe as similar to the smell of skunk spray and others compare to the odor of burning tires—either way, this is not a smell that you want lingering in your home or business. If you suspect your property has been infested with stink bugs, you can call our team to get our experts on the job. We will provide top-notch stink bug control services, first treating your property to get rid of the insects currently present in the building, then providing follow-up treatments to create a protective chemical barrier around the perimeter that will discourage more stink bugs from coming inside.

Our team is proud to serve the Tallapoosa, Georgia community, and we want to help you protect your home against pests. If you have noticed stink bugs in your home, just give us a call to get the effective stink bug control services you need to get rid of the problem.