Free Your Home of Rats and Mice

Free Your Home of Rats and Mice

Trust a rodent control pro in Tallapoosa, GA

Do you hear rodents scurrying in your attic at night? Maybe you've spotted a mouse in your kitchen. If you have rats or mice in your home, it's important to call a rodent control company as soon as possible. Wright Choice Pest Control, LLC provides thorough rodent pest control services in Tallapoosa, Georgia. We'll find the best solution for your situation and get rid of rodents, fast.

Rats and mice carry harmful diseases that can be transferred to humans through food, hair and droppings. That's why rodent control is vital to protecting your family. If you suspect that rats or mice have moved into your home, call 770-574-2545 now.

Don't deal with rodent problems on your own

We'll arrive at your home or office as quickly as possible to:

  • Your rodent infestation is likely much larger than you realize and requires professional tactics and tools
  • A trained professional in rodent behavior will know how to find and seal the tiny cracks and crevices that rodents use to enter your home
  • A rodent exterminator has access to essential sanitary gear, including gloves, masks and respirators
  • A pro knows which techniques-including the use and placement of traps and baits-are appropriate for different situations

Don't risk your health or sanity trying to eliminate rodents. Get safe and effective rodent pest control from Wright Choice Pest Control in Tallapoosa, Georgia today.