Crawlspace Waterproofing, Tallapoosa, GA

Keep moisture out of your crawlspace.

Water can cause all kinds of problems when it seeps into the wrong places. For example, moisture in your crawlspace is problematic for several reasons. To start, the presence of water makes your crawlspace attractive to pests and mold, and mold will cause poor air quality in your home since 60% of the air originates from the crawlspace. In addition, moisture can cause wood rot and damage to other building materials in your crawlspace.

Crawlspace Waterproofing in Tallapoosa, Georgia

The fact that the floors of crawlspaces are nothing more than bare ground adds to the risk of moisture since groundwater evaporates within crawlspaces. Fortunately, crawlspace waterproofing exists, and it’s a service we are proud to provide at Wright Choice Pest Control, LLC. For homeowners in Tallapoosa, Georgia, we provide a range of crawlspace waterproofing services. We can install vapor barriers to keep some of the moisture under control, or we can provide a more robust solution in the form of crawlspace encapsulation. This involves lining the entire crawlspace with durable moisture barriers and sealing off vents.

When we provide crawlspace waterproofing, our team can take the time to assess your crawlspace thoroughly before recommending an option that works for you. Then you can rely on us to complete the installation seamlessly. Before you know it, you’ll have a crawlspace that’s safe from excessive moisture and enjoy peace of mind.

Help prevent pests and structural damage in your crawlspace by calling our professionals for crawlspace waterproofing. We look forward to serving your needs and protecting your home.