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Our flea control services are performed by skilled and experienced technicians.

As minuscule parasites, fleas rely on the blood of animals and humans to live. They are frequently found on animals, including cats, dogs, and birds. If you keep pets in your home, you may experience a flea infestation that’s tough to get rid of, as dogs and cats can bring them indoors on their fur and skin. Upon finding a host that provides steady access to blood, fleas will also start to reproduce, which can cause your animal friend a lot of discomfort. If you notice an increase in scratching or spots of blood on your pet’s fur, fleas are a likely culprit and need to be addressed.

Flea Control in Tallapoosa, Georgia

The first step to take is to visit your veterinarian, who can prescribe a treatment to eliminate the fleas from the animal’s body. If you don’t do this first, any flea control measures you take within your home won’t do much, as the insects will continue to be present every time your pet comes indoors. After you resolve the flea problem on your pet, you can then contact us at Wright Choice Pest Control, LLC for professional flea control service. We provide this and other pest control services to clients located in Tallapoosa, Georgia and many of the surrounding cities.

When addressing a flea problem, we use proven treatment methods that target and eliminate colonies. Our flea control services are performed by skilled and experienced technicians. Although we don’t offer flea control for animal companions, we can address infestations brought in by your furry friends. If you need assistance ridding your home or property of annoying fleas, contact our team to get started with flea control treatments.


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