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You can count on us for effective fly control solutions for your home or business.

It’s always nice when you can enjoy the warmer weather, but unfortunately, it also means more flies. Flies are not only a nuisance at your home or business, but they are also a potential health issue. As harmless as they may seem, flies are filthy, and they have been known to transmit a number of diseases, including typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, anthrax, and more. If you want to avoid having lots of flies buzzing around your head or contaminating your food, you can trust us to provide effective fly control solutions.

Fly Control in Tallapoosa, Georgia

When we come to your property to offer fly control, we can help find the things that are attracting the flies and remove these items if necessary. For example, flies will often enter your home or business looking for moisture or food sources such as ripe produce or garbage, so removing trash is key. We can even identify what kind of flies you are dealing with, since different species may require different fly control methods. Using the highest-rated products, we will remove an existing infestation and take steps to prevent the flies from returning so you can go back to living or working normally on your property.

At Wright Choice Pest Control, LLC, we are proud to serve the Tallapoosa, Georgia area and its surrounding communities. We are licensed through the state to offer pest control, and we are confident that we can eliminate your fly problem. If your home or business could use fly control, give us a call today.