WIIR Report, Tallapoosa, GA

We perform inspections and provide a WIIR report as required during property transfers.

In accordance with the rules of the Georgia Structural Pest Control Act, during the course of real estate property transfer, a written report is required demonstrating that an inspection has been completed to determine the presence of wood-destroying organisms or conditions conducive to their infestation. This report is called a WIIR report (Wood Infestation Inspection Report). It can only be prepared by a technician who is registered or certified, and no other form can be used for this purpose.

WIIR Report in Tallapoosa, Georgia

At Wright Choice Pest Control, LLC, we are qualified to conduct this inspection, and we utilize the official Georgia WIIR report form for our customers in the Tallapoosa, Georgia area who need it as part of a real estate transaction. The report will list all structures that we have inspected and disclose our inspection findings related to wood-boring beetles, wood-decaying fungi, subterranean termites, dry wood termites, or powder post beetles. It will disclose both active infestations and any signs of previous infestations we observe, noting the location(s) of concern. If there are areas that we cannot access, we will note that in the WIIR report.

Our pest control experts are here to help you keep uninvited guests off your property.

When you are purchasing property and have a WIIR report in hand that indicates an active problem, you will have the opportunity to renegotiate the terms of the purchase. That is why it is so important to have an inspection performed and why your lender will expect to receive a copy of it. Once you have finalized the sale, we recommend reaching out to us to have termite control and other pest control services performed to safeguard your investment. Contact us today to learn more.