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Let our professionals assist you with mold & water damage.

Because we are pest control experts, you might say we are in the business of keeping out things that shouldn’t be in your home or business. We drive away insects and rodents, but we are just as concerned about keeping out water and mold.

Mold & Water Damage in Tallapoosa, Georgia

Water damage can occur in your Tallapoosa, Georgia home in a number of ways—a roof leak, a flood, a burst pipe, a moist crawlspace, etc. Water damage alone can be very destructive, but if it leads to mold growth, the consequences are even worse. Luckily, you can rely on our team at Wright Choice Pest Control, LLC, for help with mold & water damage.

We offer remediation and restoration services when you discover mold & water damage on your property. Using the appropriate equipment and assessing the situation diligently, we will come up with a plan for your specific needs and then implement it with attention to detail. We will be sure to remove any mold or damaged items from your space, eliminate the water, and provide repairs for structural damages when possible. No two situations are the same, but we provide the same dedication and thoroughness for every mold & water damage job we take on.

Don’t despair if your home or business has mold & water damage. We have the skills needed to address the situation effectively and promptly, so you can avoid more extensive structural and health-related issues. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide.


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