Simple Moth Control Tips to Save Your Clothes [infographics]

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Clothes can be pretty pricey, so you want them to stay wearable for as long as possible. That’s why it’s so frustrating when they get damaged well before they should be thrown out or otherwise gotten rid of. One of the biggest culprits for damaging clothes is moths, who are notorious for eating through clothing and other fabrics, such as your blankets and furniture.

Simple Moth Control Tips to Save Your Clothes

In addition to damaging your clothes, moths can contaminate your dry foods, such as pasta and flour, so in order to prevent these damages, here are some simple moth control tips you can use.

  • Put moth-damaged clothes in the freezer. This tip might seem a little odd, but it actually helps with killing off any larvae that are nesting in your clothing. If your clothing item has been damaged by moths, freeze it for at least 24 hours.
  • Focus on prevention. There are many moth control prevention methods you can use to deter moths from hanging around your home. For example, you won’t need winter clothing during the summer, so be sure to keep these items in an airtight storage bag during the months that you don’t need them. Always washing your clothes after you’ve worn them is also a good moth control tip, as these pests are attracted to any stains or sweat that you may leave on your clothing.

Simple Moth Control Tips to Save Your Clothes

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