What Are the Safest Mouse Control Methods? [infographic]

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Seeing a mouse dart across your kitchen floor can be pretty upsetting, and you can rest assured that when there is one, there are likely more nearby. Effective mouse control focuses on getting rid of them once and for all, in the safest manner possible. While a single mouse trap might eliminate one stray, you’ll want to make sure its friends stay away as well.

Here are some common methods of mouse control:

What Are the Safest Mouse Control Methods?

  • A cat or dog: Cats and dogs can hunt down mice that you see, but not the ones that might be hidden beneath your floors and in your ceilings and walls. If you leave your pet’s food out, the mice are likely getting free meals.
  • Ultrasonic sounds: These devices can’t be heard by humans and have limited effectiveness for mice prevention. Although they are thought to be harmless, there isn’t much evidence to prove that these sounds drive mice and other rodents away from buildings. In fact, it’s possible that they become used to the sounds.
  • Mouse traps: Traditional snap traps are usually set flush against walls. Like glue boards, the mice get caught and cannot break free. Zapper traps use electric shock, and may require batteries. The downside to these traps is that you will have to deal with the dead mice afterward, and they can only catch one mouse at a time.
  • Mouse bait: These are not recommended for use in homes. The bait can be poisonous to people and pets.

What Are the Safest Mouse Control Methods? [infographic]

The safest and most effective mouse control method is to call our professionals. Your mouse control plan should include a detailed walk-through that includes hidden areas like attics and crawlspaces. We can do this for you and recommend the safest methods to keep these pests out of your home or businesses permanently. When pests get annoying, make the Wright Choice – call us today, and we’ll find the best solution for your mouse control needs.