Why Bee Control is Important

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Bees play a crucial role in nature, since they pollinate plants and promote the growth of seeds, flowers, vegetables, and fruits. Still, they will swarm and sting, which can cause problems for homes and businesses. They cannot – and should not – be eliminated, but bee control is an important part of pest management. Here’s why.

Why Bee Control is Important

  • Bees Can Damage Property- Beehives can appear outside and inside walls. They can become quite large, and when inside walls, they can damage electrical wiring and pipes. Bees are also known to chew up building materials like drywall and insulation. On top of that, spoiled honey and dead bees can attract other hungry pests, including rodents.
  • Stinging and Allergic Reactions- People like the honey that bees make, but are often frightened of them. Not everyone is allergic to the stings, but some people have reactions. Besides that, bees can be a real nuisance. Have you ever been outside at a restaurant and had to share your table with a swarm of bees? Not fun.

The first part of ethical bee control is to identify the species. Some (like honeybees) should be safely relocated, while others (like carpenter bees or wasps) are dangerous and should be eliminated. Doing this yourself can be risky, since bees can swarm and sting. At Wright Choice Pest Control, LLC, we use our knowledge and expertise to approach the bees safely and remove them.

If you need bee control on your property, our professional team can provide a consultation and take the proper steps to eliminate the problem while keeping the bees calm and safe whenever possible. Contact our office today to set up an appointment.